The Russian System: A Proven Method For Raising A World-Class Tennis Player (E-Book)

The Russian System: A Proven Method For Raising A World-Class Tennis Player (E-Book)


Did you know that one coach with one indoor court in Moscow, Russia has raised more top 20 WTA Professionals than the entire US? How did 5 dads from freezing Siberia in the middle of Russia all raised their kids to play at the international level? Coincidence? Not at all. In both cases training was done in a certain way with certain emphasis and priorities which gave their kids the necessary tools for success. Being from one of those 5 families from Siberia and having gone through the process myself as a player, I know first-hand what it takes to get to the international level using this method. I also tested it extensively for the last 13 years while working with kids in various stages of their development. From beginners to 18 year-olds who will be attending Division 1 College on an athletic scholarship to aspiring professional tennis players, this method is effective at every level. This E-book was designed specifically for parents who are not that familiar with all the intricacies of the world of tennis, but who are committed to helping their kids to advance as far as they want in it. I go step by step through all the main aspects of the game that are absolutely essential and will equip you to help efficiently and effectively guide your kid to achieve all their tennis goals. Here are the areas that I cover in my E-book:


1. From Siberia to the ATP Tour

2. The Russian System in action: Spartak Club

3. The science behind The Russian System 

4. How to choose a great coach 

5. Basic technique

6. Tennis-specific fitness 

7. Psychology 

8. Tournaments 

9. Effective Scheduling 

10. Nutrition 


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